How to Write a Cover Letter: in 5 Steps: Examples & Tips
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How to Write a Cover Letter: in 5 Steps: Examples & Tips

Students’ academic life can be hectic sometimes as they are assigned multiple projects at the same time. However, the real struggles of life start right after graduation when they start a new chapter of life as professionals. The first step to being successful is to acquire a suitable job and you know that many of the young freshies are aware of the current employment hiring process. 

CV and cover letter writing are the two first steps that every fresh professional will need to follow. As this seems quite easy in today’s time because many are seeking help from the best and cheap CV writing services UK, UAE, and China. However, those individuals who want to learn how to write a suitable cover letter must learn this from the beginning. 

Here you will learn everything about cover letter writing. For instance, its meaning, importance, and writing guide. So, scroll down and find out all about writing a convincing cover letter. 

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a formal document that is attached to resumes while mailing it for the intended employment position. The main purpose of this attachment is related to acquiring a job. As it gives support to the mailed resume and openly discusses the true intentions of the applicants for the vacant job position. 

In simple understanding, a cover letter is a written form of application that is sent to recruiters in order to share positive regards and convince the hiring team why the applying candidate is the best fit. It is true the resume plays the main role in this situation but the cover also has the power to share the positive vision with the hiring company. In today’s time, there are many who don’t know the importance of cover letters. But sometimes these nicely written cover letters become the reason for the employment of the applicants. 

Importance of Cover Letters for Employment

Nowadays there is tough competition between deserving candidates and those who crack the code of the hiring process with their over-the-top skills. And the recruiters support those individuals that know how to impress and be positive all the time. A cover letter is a formal form of the mailing document. However, it is also the paper of availing the professional job opportunity. As a well-written cover letter can influence the recruiter to arrange an interview with the candidate. 

The shared highlight of the importance of the cover letter shows that it is all about impressing the hiring team. Many miss this chance of mailing a cover letter to the hiring manager, even though there are various job-hunting platforms that offer the feature of attaching a written cover letter. But you should not miss this chance of leaving a positive display of your personality in the minds of the recruiters and take benefits from the cover letter paper. 

Five Easy Steps to Write a Cover Letter with Perfection

The search engines are packed with tutorials that are difficult to understand. Hence, students and fresh professionals must learn how to write a cover letter with easy and working steps. If you take a moment and note all the attachments in the cover letter then more than ten points will come to mind. However, in our guide with examples you will learn how to write a cover letter in just five simple steps. 

Follow these shared steps and start practicing daily. Following are the effortless steps that you can adopt while writing your cover letter for employment. Take your paper and pen out and note them down. 

Decide The World Count & Paragraphs

Resume does have a limited word count and applicants get limited space to introduce themselves. In this hectic situation, a cover letter comes for assistance, as you will just need to share your discussion points on the page and submit it along with the resume. Thus, writing a cover letter is not as simple as it looks. You will need to decide the word count as cover letters also have limitations.

According to expert academic writers, a cover letter should be under 300 to 400 words. Therefore, you will also need to sum up your cover letter under this word count. Moreover, your cover letter can also be around 250 words but the inclusion of words around 300 is perfect.

Include a Header

The header is the highlight of the information of the sender and receiver. The header of the cover letters comes above all. The attachment of the headers shows the reference of the sender and it also includes the name of the receiver. A professional cover letter usually includes;

In modern times, applicants include their email addresses and contact numbers as well. You are also free to share your details but it is important to mention the person you are mailing your resume and cover letter to.  

Start with a Positive Greeting 

The greeting comes right after the header.  It is easy to start the letter with a greeting but many fresh applicants include lengthy one-liners due to excitement. Therefore, you must search around for the best and most formal greeting in order to show your professional side to the hiring team. The attachment of the greeting is like a game of a few minutes. However, it does have effects, as a positive greeting is part of cover letter formation.

Your greeting words should be formal and must be short. Here are some examples of greetings that you can apply to your own cover letters: 

Write Welcoming First Paragraph

Your first paragraph of the cover letter can be the show's stellar. That‘s why you will need to be focused and diligent, as your writing in the introduction should not break the flow of readability. Moreover, the introduction of the cover letter can be short compared to other paragraphs in the cover letter. Therefore, you will need to be productive to share every point in the introduction with catchy and stimulating words. Fresh applicants will need the practice of writing the introduction of the cover letter on their own. On that account, you can grab the points from our shared example here. 

Include Supporting paragraphs

The inclusion of the supporting paragraphs is important, they are ones that will support your intentions. Try to address your skills and earned experience openly in the supporting paragraphs. Hence, two to three supporting paragraphs are fine in a cover letter. 

Your concluding thoughts can be short but must share the true intention of your request for employment. In the conclusion or final lines of the cover letter never try to include the reference of a third party person, as it is forbidden and against the ethics of the employment process. Hence, you will need to close the letter with positive ending lines that could put a smile on the face of the reader. 

Bottom Line

These were the easy and working steps with examples that you can follow and write an attractive and professional cover letter on your own. Moreover, it is advised that freshers must practice daily to learn the art of writing the finest cover letters. So, never miss any chance of writing a cover letter that includes great writing efforts implemented by you.