How to Make a Professional Resume: Tips & Examples for Beginners
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How to Make a Professional Resume: Tips & Examples for Beginners

Resume writing does have mixed remarks as some believe that it is a game of few minutes. On the other hand, some have reliance that it is one of the most difficult tasks. Believe it or not, resumes do have an impact during the hiring process, and that makes it vital for job searchers to learn the skill of writing a professional resume on their own.


There are numerous techniques to design a professional Resume. Likewise, some find online websites that generate AI-written CV templates after implementing the needed information. Similarly, some follow the modern way of getting their resume crafted through online cheap resume writing services UK, UAE, and Australia. 


If you are really on to write a resume on your own, then you can follow these top eight tips with examples to come up with an attractive formal resume. Hence, the following tips are shared below: 


8 Tips to Make a Professional Resume with Examples

Resume writing can be a hectic task unless you have better tips to follow. We all know that it is quite easy to learn how to make resumes in minutes. However, as a beginner, you must get those tips that must be easy and workable. Therefore, here are some effortless tips with examples you can apply while drafting your resume. So, take out your pen and paper and note these shared suggestions mentioned below: 


Choose the Correct Resume Template 


Here comes the first tip, selecting the correct resume template takes time if you know which template will be the best. There are countless options available on the internet, and you must choose the right one. As per the suggestion of the expert resume writers, the chronological resume format is the working format style in the professional world. That’s why you should go for a chronological-order resume. 


There are various other options that you can follow, like functional, combination, or targeted CV templates. However, if you don’t want to go into deep doubt and want an easy way out, then the chronological sample format is the best for you to follow. 


Concise under One Page Template

During selecting the correct resume template, you may choose a one-page sample. However, if your included information is extended, then your resume can go to two pages. It is not wrong to create a resume of multiple pages, but as per the current employment trend, you must concise your resume and include only the needed information. 


A one-page resume makes it easy for the hiring team to read your shared information, and every recruiter doesn’t want to spend minutes reading the whole resume. Likewise, a resume should be as it doesn’t break the flow of readability and increase the chances of receiving instant interview calls from hiring companies. 


Avoid Multi-Colored Resume Template 

If you are fresh in professional life, you must have come up with thoughts like selecting a template with multiple colours and stylish fonts. Hence, it is common for job hunters to surround their resumes with crazy captions and graffiti. However, it is mandatory to follow this kind of practice in the resume templates. According to experienced professionals and giant corporate companies, every resume template should be a professional and formal document free from all extra and unneeded attachments. 


Search around for a bold-colour resume template and start writing your resume. As never forget to be formal all the time, and your descriptive words should not include vague sentences and slang words at all. 


Add a Professional Profile Image on the Resume

Nowadays, the inclusion of a professional profile image at the top of the resume has become common. So, if you want to be creative and formal at the same time, then you can upload the recently clicked professional picture on the resume. 


Profile images can also leave an influencing mark on the recruiters, as in the hiring process, everything matters. It is not mandatory to attach your image to the CV. But a resume without a profile image often gets ignored by recruiters. That’s why as an important attachment, you should add your resume picture. 


Write a Short Profile Summary

Your profile description is a written introduction to your professional journey. Including a one-liner about your educational status is fine, but other lines in the paragraphs should be about professional ventures in the mastered field. Your short summary section in the resume is the first section that needs to be properly filled out. Similarly, you must also include a summary in your LinkedIn profile optimization to get noticed by the recruiters. Moreover, this section can also be your chance to be creative and entertain the reader with exciting expressions under professional wording. Search around for different short summaries of resume templates and practice writing your own. 


Furthermore, fresh job hunters are required to write their summary brief under one paragraph of fifty to sixty words, as their intro should be short and readable at the same time. 


Mention Your Skills & Experience First

After the write-down of the introduction, you must share your earned skill and acquired experience. Most of chronological resume templates include sections about the skills and experience right after the short summary. On that account, you don’t need to switch the section, and if the section of your template is already shifted, then you can rearrange them through the manual formation option. 


A professional resume is all about skills and experience. It means the recruiter will only observe your earned skills and professional presence in the market. Therefore, it becomes essential for you to fully describe your experience in your previous organization along with your performed roles. Plus, you will also need to share around six to eight mastered skills related to applying for a position. 


Attach Contact Information Upper Left Side

The contact list in the resume is the most important part of resume writing, and including only the required contact information is also vital. Today, we have found many cases where fresh professionals include links to their professional profiles to share their personal life participation. However, in a professional resume, it is prohibited and against ethics to share the links and references of social media profiles and pages. Therefore, you must avoid this practice and include only the needed information in the section. Likewise, contact number, email address, and short residential address. 


Include job-related keywords

The inclusion of keywords is the new practice in the hiring process. Smart job searchers include keywords in order to rank in the job-hunting platforms. You can apply this trick as the keywords should only be related to the applying job position. Hence, it all depends on your talent and understanding, like where you want to include the job-related keywords. 

For the attachment of the keywords that don’t break the flow of readability, you will first need to read the description and requirements for the vacant position and then add the keywords. The best places for the addition of the keywords in the resume templates are the summary section and the experience and skills sections.



Your time after graduation is precious, and that is the period when things will change. Likewise, your nerves and patience will be tested. In that case, you must have self-belief and positive motivation as your strong points. The hiring process will take time; that’s why you should always need to be top in the game. So, follow these shared tips and examples and write your own resume right now!