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How to Write a Good Personal Statement for your CV – Tips and Examples

In today’s time, it’s getting hard for youngsters to get employed because experienced individuals are jobless nowadays. So, what could be the reason? Maybe they are not good enough, or they are not living up to the expectations of the company. However, we always try our best to impress the employer through different tactics and techniques. One of them is writing a strong personal statement on the CV. 

You can easily get your CV crafted from numerous online CV writing services UK, Dubai, Ireland and Canada. However, it’s always the personal statement which creates the magic of a first impression when your CV is being viewed and observed by the employer.

Let's elaborate on all the needed tips along with examples of how to write a good personal statement for your CV even if you are a fresher or an expert.

What is a Personal Statement?

Personal Statement comes at the top of the CV just after the given name and profession. Hence, also known as Short Summary and Profile. Where you have to introduce yourself. Likewise, your qualification, skills, previous job experience, if you have one and objectives regarding your future in the organisation precisely.

The Statement changes after every job because after gaining experience, you have to emerge and write all the related experienced years and duties you performed in the previous organisation. Moreover, a profile statement helps you to introduce yourself in front of the interviewers openly, where you can add your skills and capabilities.

Is Personal Statement Necessary for CV?

In your intended CV everything is written about your education and other information but before introducing yourself verbally it is important to make a perfect image in the interviewer's mind. Moreover, a well-crafted personal summary will also promote your writing skills in front of the recruiter and maybe he can be impressed by the way of expressing yourself and your desire to join the company. In fact, we all acquire and don’t miss the chances of manifesting our skills to earn the job opportunity. 

What to Include in a Personal Statement?

A Personal Statement should be short, as many suggest that it should be around 500 to 1000 words. However, that also can be long, and the interviewer will skip the summary. Therefore, always try to sum up your statement in between 250 to 300 creative worlds. Remember! That it is all about creating an impact and showing that you are the right person for the job.

Besides, you also must have knowledge about the addition of information in the profile statement, as you should put accurate details about yourself. Likewise, you must include

How to Write a Perfect Personal Statement? - Tips 

For more accuracy and perfection, here are the top and finest tips to write your personal statement without any hassle and increase your chances of employment.

Be Specific 

As we mentioned earlier, there is no need to add unneeded information in the profile short summary. Likewise, about your habits, interests and several contact numbers. Hence, when you avoid these additions then there will be plenty of space left for you to share about yourself. For Instance, 

Introduce Yourself Properly 

We all know how essential it is to introduce ourselves during an interview. In the same way, while writing your personal profile statement, use quality words and give a formal introduction. For example: 

A Creative content writer with experience of 2 years, seeking an opportunity to grow in the field of Digital Marketing. 

With this approach, you will be able to grab the intention in just a few words. In the given example, there isn’t any additional unnecessary piece of information and it sticks to the point, which makes it look unique.

Research About the Company & the Job Description

They may look difficult, but when you have the right information about the applied job plus the company, you will be able to connect yourself to it. For instance, many people get rejected when they are asked about their motivation to join the company. In the same way, many aren’t able to give genuine answers to asked questions regarding the company. So, knowing about the applied job is essential. 

Highlight The Skills

There are several ways you can share your skills. Such as after writing about the qualification you can turn it into the skills you possess. Otherwise, expressing the skills right about the job requirement will be the best timing. Have a look at the example here. 

As I am fully aware that this organisation requires someone with great knowledge about social media trends and techniques to rank the website of this company. With the overall experience of one and half years in Digital Marketing, I will make sure to achieve greater success along with this company and maintain sustainability with modern trends. 

End The Statement with Higher Note 

Sometimes, we forget to end our statement with a good ending note. However, it is vital, to sum up, the statement in the most creative way possible. Kindly look at the example for a better understanding.

As a highly passionate and hard-working individual, I perform my task with perfection and diligence.

How Can We Write a Personal Statement in Different ways? - Examples 

    1. Nowadays, it is quite common to apply for internships while pursuing a degree. Therefore, it is vital for students to learn how to write their first CV statement.

Hello! I am an inspiring BBA student who is pursuing a Bachelor in Business Administration from The University of Adelaide.

 Applying for a paid internship for the position of HR intern at Estro Communications. I am in my 3rd year and possess knowledge about economics, communication and analytic data-driven strategies. Moreover, I have a core interest in project management, interpersonal communication and teamwork. I hope that my journey at Estro Communication as an intern will be worth remembering as well as encouraging


    2. A Newly graduated student doesn’t have to do much while writing a personal statement. They just have to express themselves in the most positive way possible. So here is an example of a postgraduate fresher's profile statement. 


 A highly motivated student who just completed his graduation in BS in Media Studies from the Queen Mary University of London.


 Seeking an opportunity in this company as I possess all the needed skills, which include social media marketing, news reporting, graphic designing and animation. Hence, with a prime focus on digital marketing, I always believe in self-growth, and I want to flourish my skills along with a successful company in a business like this one. Therefore, it will be an honour to start a professional career with Innovative Solutions.


    3. When you reach the mid-level, you only have to add up your experience alongside the tasks you performed in your previous position at the company. Thus, it doesn’t matter if your statement is short and precise because the shorter it is, the more readable it will be.

Graphic designer with an overall experience of two and half years in multiple companies. Where I performed the role of mid-level graphic designer along with social media moderator, in my previous organisations, I worked with passionate people and utilised my skills in the best way possible. Hence, due to my highly motivated performance in my previous company Tech Hub, I was honoured with an employee of the month. Currently, I am pursuing my MA in BBA and want to grow in the business world. I hope that my journey at Tech Buddy will be exceptional. 


Bottom Line

At the end of the day, it is always about the skills which help us achieve greater success in this modern world. But to highlight our skills, we have to apply several approaches; therefore, through various techniques, you can earn an opportunity of getting interview calls. So, these small changes in your CV can have a major impact on your professional career.