10 Things to Include in Your ATS-Friendly CV
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10 Things to Include in Your ATS-Friendly CV

In our world, where everyone is competing with each other to be the best, there is a search engine that helps individuals with effective tips. Google is packed with various tips and tricks to crack the code of the hiring process. That’s the reason that freshie job hunters don’t face any hassle in finding the best alternatives to be ready for job interviews.

Just like applicants have found the support of cheap cv writing service uk to come up with attractive and compelling resumes. In the same way, recruiting companies also have generated their own technological products that make it easy for them to choose the perfect candidate for vacant job positions.

ATS application is the new tool in the market that is used in the hiring process. Nowadays, job hunters are curious to know what an ATS-friendly CV is and what they should include in their resume to clear ATS. So, let’s learn about ATS-friendly CVs and inclusions here: 

What is an ATS-Friendly CV?

An applicant tracking system is a new player in the game of the hiring process that is designed to overview the resumes of the applied candidate and choose the best one. It means that the time has come for job hunters to update themselves and learn how they can develop their ATS-friendly CVs and come up as deserving candidates for the job. Moreover, the installation and usage of ATS software by the hiring companies directly indicate that there needs to be some change in the CV template, style, design, and formation.

An ATS-friendly CV helps applicants to clear the software and increases the chances of interview calls. Basically, this type of CV requires clear words and readable headers to match the keywords included in the software. An ATS application becomes workable during instant hiring times. Moreover, it doesn’t require manpower to overview the resumes of the applicants. 

Top 10 Tips to Craft Your Perfect ATS-Friendly CV.

Every day there is a new invention introduced to make human life easy. Likewise, this best candidate detector is helping companies to search for the best men for their workplace. However, you should not worry due to this addition to the hiring process. As we humans have various alternatives to face every challenge on the way. Follow these tips for cracking the ATS test and get an instant interview call. 

An ATS-Friendly template means the simple template of the resume. It is correct that a job CV should be attractive and catchy. But there are a few requirements of this software that should be followed to come clean. A simple template means that your sample for resume writing should have separate spaces for every piece of information and should not contain multi-coloured designs. 

Search around on the internet; there are many templates that are free from extra sections and employ fonts like Calibri, Roboto, and Time New Roman. Hence, a one-page resume always saves the day for smart applicants; that’s why you should always pick a CV sample that has all the important sections on a single page. 

Labelled sections mean the important portions. Such as experience, skills, education, profile summary, and contacts sections. The software analyses the important sections to match job requirements. A detecting bot doesn't involve human sentiments; that’s why candidates must fill out all the requirements to get the interview call. 

For recruiters inviting only deserving candidates becomes easy after the allocation of the applicant tracking system. On the other hand, it makes it difficult for the applicants to get their hands on employment opportunities. Due to these reasons, the attachment of all the needed labelled sections becomes vital for an ATS-friendly CV. 

The detecting software mostly focuses on keywords that are shared with it to find suitable candidates above all. It means the design of the ATS-friendly template is the game of keyword attachment in writing. So, try to include those keywords that are coming under the job requirements. Furthermore, the best keywords help the resumes rank above all on job-hunting platforms and increase the credibility of the applicant in the hiring process.

Start adding keywords in the short summary because it becomes easy to talk about the applied job in the limited brief about yourself in the resume. Similarly, you can attach keywords related to the required expertise in the experience and skills sections. Plus, you can include the interest 

section and highlight the areas that you want to cover in future endorsements. 

It has become a trend to convert professional CVs into commercial portfolios. However, the selection criteria of this application work differently, as every special design graph or table attachment in the resume will make it difficult for the applicant to clear the application.

It is understandable that in today’s world, every template has a special design to offer. But we can’t ignore the working of the applicant tracking system. Therefore, think smartly and select a template with a professional design that could fill out the requirements of the applying job. Three bold-coloured templates with chronological order will be the best pick to crack the tracking application. 

It has become normal for fresh applicants to include formal and academic-level writing paragraphs in their resumes. As they believe that their academic writing style will do the job. However, that’s not the case in reality because the hiring managers are not academic experts, and they don’t have time to spend more than one minute on the received CV. Hence, according to recruitment and human resource experts, it is just a game of a few seconds to attract the recruiter with a perfect CV template.

An applicant tracking system also works the same way; it needs a readable writing style to overview the CV. Likewise, your writing style with convincing keywords will show its magic when the written material will be easy to read and becomes effortless to be compared with the requirements. 

It is clear that the tools require an easy way of writing style, and it directly reveals that your cv writing uk template should be free from grammatical mistakes. In every submission of the application, candidates have to be formal from every side, and these small grammatical and punctuation mistakes can’t be ignored. Now the resumes of the applicants will be checked by software, which means you have to be more careful this time and submit the CV with zero grammatical mistakes. 

Your CV should not be longer than one page because no one wants to spend minutes on your written introduction or life journey during the hiring process. Plus, the tracking of your resume should be quick; that’s why you should get your resume designed under limited catchy words.

The limited word count in the CV will lead the application towards the highlight of the skills and experience. It means the application will get its related keywords from the displayed experience, short summary, and skills sections. So, try not to include an extensive list of skills and just be specific while crafting your CV. 

The inclusion of the extra information forces the CV to go to multiple pages, and a large number of sections can get your CV ignored and rejected. Therefore, always try to avoid including sections. For instance, favourite places, hobbies, and social media accounts. 

Some software is also instructed to ignore those CVs that include multiple skills that are not related to the hiring position. So, be careful while sharing the information because tracking bots can go against you, and the chance of getting employment in your dream company can vanish in a few seconds. 

The recheck of the CV is the final process in drafting your resume template. Many forget the importance of proofreading and mail their applications without a final readout. There have been many cases where tiny mistakes in resumes have caused lifetime opportunities for deserving candidates.

The final readout will highlight those things that should not be included in the CV. Similarly, proofreading helps in correcting grammatical mistakes. So, to pass this candidate tracking software, you must proofread the resume multiple times. 

If you are an experienced professional or regular job hunter, then you must have faced the issue of CV file size. You can face the situation of ignorance if your template has a larger size than the normal CV file. Therefore, converting your document into a PDF file is the best thing you can do. Around 80% of the job-hunting platforms and corporate websites accept CVs in PDF files because they are easy to open, and files in PDF don't have larger sizes compared to others.

Bottom Line

It may be too early for fresh applicants to understand the game of the hiring process. But the future of recruitment will be in the hands of these software tracking bots. So, we should not hold our hope on old-fashioned CV writing practices and convert our resumes according to current trending hiring criteria. 

An applicant tracking system can come up with errors and may not choose those candidates that show only a 50% match with the requirements. In that case, we can’t just lose our hopes and should design the resumes according to selection criteria to clear the tracking software. So, you should also try your best to design a stimulating CV and never stop applying for jobs until your day arrives. Good Luck!